Listen to all your platform messages and reply instantly while on the move, any time, completely hands free.

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Hands Free

With Voicely using the latest advancements in speech recognisation, we are pleased to offer the ability to hear or reply to messages using only a few commands. You'll be able to respond to people without typing, meaning you can keep in contact with all contacts easily


We’ve developed this app with your convenience in mind. It is as simple as speaking your message, even if you are occupied. No matter how long the drive or how busy you are, you can now stay in touch with clients, colleagues, friends or family safely and conveniently.

Multiple Platforms

Whether it’s your family or your most important client, we know you get messages on numerous different platforms. Voicely enables you to get rid of them annoying notifications and enables you to store all messaging platforms into one easy to use app.

Voicely Features

As a potential user we know that you want to know all what Voicely can do, but we have included a list of the most important features.

Message Organisation

Add all your messaging services into one handy application. It's perfect for people who work with many different providers

Voice Activation

Listen to all your platform messages and reply instantly while on the move, any time, completely hands free.

Endless Possibilites

If you just want to keep in touch with your friends or are managing a multi-seat customer care team. Voicely got you covered.


All data is encrypted and chats are secure and annoymous and we will never breach confidentiality

Why Voicely?

Why should you choose Voicely over any other provider? Let us give more details on what we offer

Cloud Based Solution

For the technical people we will try to explain how the solution works without going into too much technical detail. Each app is built natively and we choose this option because we utilize the cool features that are available to us. Please don't worry we do not collection any unnecessary data.

The data is then sent securely to the cloud for processing. The cloud is a viable option as we can adjust quickly and easily to meet demand during peak times. In future we can make use of the data processing availabe on the cloud to implement some cool features to enchance the users experience

To make all the data accessible to all devices we have made the decision to encrypt the data and send it to the cloud to be held. This enables every user to be able to access any messages on any device or desktop. Enabling the user to have a fluid process from mobile device to desktop

One service - unlimted accounts

Voicely allows you too add multiple different service messaging and email accounts to the app. Adding accounts is easy and secure and you will be up and running within minutes (If you are a slow typer). Each message will be easily recognised by the providers icon located next to the chat name.

It will allow you to send images, messages, photos, emojis, audio to any service provider, if it's allowed. However if you are just looking for a new messaging application, Voicely is perfect for you.

  • Convenience
  • Organisated
  • Messaging and Voice capibilities
  • Available on all platforms

Secure and Private

With Voicely using the latest encryption to ensure that all messages are sent securely to clients, colleagues, friends or family instantly. You can rest ensure than no-one is accessing important data. Keeping you safe and secure while you go about your daily activities

All the chats, images, documents or anything of importance is kept secure using the latest encryption available. We are not going to reveal the techniques used but we use numerous different techniques to keep the data safe.

Messaging Services

We know that there are more messaging services and we are working to integrate them as soon as possible. Our goal is to make your Voicely the best all in one solution and that requires us to keep up with the latest messaging platforms available. As new and old services become availalbe we will add them to Voicely.

There will be no updating needs as this is all processed on the backend. Please let us know if we are missing any of your favourite one and we will notify you via a push notification.

All messages are processed in real time and any message you recieve on a service provider will be instantly available on Voicely. For you to respond by using the voice recognisation or by typing an instant reply to the user. This will save you time and effort when dealing with multiple platforms

Voicely is the only provder you will need




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5 star rating



Still undecided by Voicely. Scroll through the photos below to see how great Voicely is.


Voicely is going through beta testing currently and is unavailable to download at the moment


Some of the questions we get asked on a daily basis are answered below. If you have any other concerns then please use the contact form.

We have had a lot of enquiries and interests to when Voicely will be launched. We predict that it will be released to the public at the beginning of the year. So hopefully January 2018

Voicely will be absolutely free to every user.

The first version will be released on iOS and Android. That will be January 2018. We then hope to release the desktop version in March 2018.

There is two way encryption between messages sent between two devices. All username and passwords are kept securely using the latest encryption. Your data and chats are secure and annoymous and we will never breach confidentiality

We welcome everyone who has any ideas or feedback they would like to put forward. You can send an email to this address ideas@voicely.com or you can use the contact form on the right

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